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10 Benefits of Fiber For Health

Beneficios das Fibras Para Saúde

The benefits of health for fiber are great, the fiber-rich foods are mainly of plant origin, such as grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and dried fruits. The fibers are very important in bowel function and is very recommended for those with problems related to the gut. The human being is not able to digest the fibers but some bacteria are fermented by the gut and thus are good for regulating the intestines to help weight loss, lower cholesterol and controlling diabetes.

Benefits of Fiber To SaúdeAs fibers are natural constituents found in food, facilitating bowel movement fighting Constipation and helping to reduce hunger. It also decreases the absorption of sugars and fats, helping to combat diabetes and high cholesterol. So why this substance is so essential for the health check 10 benefits of fiber for health.

Benefits of Fiber in bowel regulation: Both soluble fiber as insoluble play an important role in intestinal activity. The first draws water and causes fermentation reactions, stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria, which improves the functioning of the organ, ensuring evacuation frequency. The second binds the water and increases fecal bulk, facilitating their elimination and thus prevents constipation.

Benefits of fiber in controlling diabetes: The fibers slow the velocity of carbohydrate digestion, making absorption of glucose from the blood more slowly and, thus, reduces the insulin peaks. On contact with water, the fibers also form a shield around the food and hinder the absorption of sugar, discarding it in the digestion process.

The fibers help to eliminate the body of toxic metals: A diet with fiber prevents, in the long run, unwanted metals accumulate in the body and bring harm to health.

Benefits of Fiber To Satiety: In contact with water in the stomach, the soluble fibers are transformed into a gel, helping those who want to lose weight to ensure satiety and, of course, avoiding the excesses during the meal. They also make slower digestion, maintaining the controlled hunger longer.

Benefits of fibers for the Immune System: The intestine responsible for producing antibodies, which protect the body from infection. The fibers feed the beneficial bacteria that live in the body, balancing the intestinal flora and consequently increasing the body's defenses.

Fibers help to lower cholesterol: The fibers form a sort of gel that captures part of the fat of the food and change the absorption of bad cholesterol (LDL). Moreover, fermentation of fibers produces components such as the gut short chain fatty acids (SCFA), which reduce cholesterol synthesis in the liver. Since the insoluble fibers bind bile salts and also contribute to the reduction of fat absorption and cholesterol.

Fiber-beneficiosAs fibers help prevent colon cancer: The short chain fatty acids produced during fermentation of the fiber by intestinal bacteria are a major source of energy for the cells of the colon, can inhibit the growth and proliferation of cancer cells the intestine. Furthermore, improving bowel function, dietary fiber may reduce the risk of diseases and disorders such as diverticular disease and haemorrhoids and may even have a protective effect against colon cancer.

Other Benefits of Fiber For Health

A Diets rich in fiber help weight loss, as they induce - due to satiety it provides - to a lower intake of food and calories throughout the day, fighting obesity.
The fibers help in Relief Constipation.
The fibers help in the reduction of triglycerides.
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