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11 Foods That Help to Fight Hypertension

Alimentos para hipertensão

The foods that help fight hypertension are basically rich in some nutrients, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. Also, the food is an important part in the treatment of hypertension and some precautions should be followed daily, avoiding fried and processed foods, giving preference to fresh fruits and vegetables.

One of the main modifiable environmental factors for the control and prevention of hypertension is the food. Excessive salt intake and low vegetable consumption, associated with physical inactivity, obesity and alcohol abuse, are primarily responsible for the disease.

Food for hipertensãoQuando the person has high blood pressure equal to or greater than 14 by 9, can be a sign of suffering from hypertension. This disease is caused mainly due to contraction of the vessels in which blood flows, which may result in breakage or clogging of the arteries. Thus, it is possible that the person suffers a stroke or have a heart attack, for example. And that is precisely why this problem should be tackled. In addition to seeking an expert, it is recommended the consumption of certain foods that are able to prevent hypertension. So let's check out the 11 foods that help fight hypertension.

Banana: The banana is one of the foods that help fight hypertension. Therefore, it contains a good amount of potassium, this fruit becomes a great ally in controlling blood pressure. A diet rich nutrient that contributes to the elimination of sodium from the body, helping to reduce the pressure.

Sesame: The oil that contains a food substance known as sesamin, which are able to reduce blood pressure. In addition, the Sesame is also rich in antioxidant (reducing free radicals), has antibacterial properties, it is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 (providing energy for the body and giving greater feeling and satiety) and is able to strengthen the nervous system .

Oats: Oats are another good choice of foods that help fight hypertension. Therefore, it is part of the group of carbohydrates and is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the food process aids in weight loss by delaying gastric emptying which prolongs the feeling of satiety.

Strawberry: Studies of Harvard (United States), followed the habits of about 156,000 people over more than ten years and received a reduction of almost 10% in the risk of hypertension among consumers of strawberry and other berries, just because they're rich in anthocyanins, an antioxidant that gives color to these fruits.

Garlic: Garlic is another good alternative foods that help fight hypertension. Because he is a great source of Vitamin C and have a high antioxidant power, acting in the decrease of free radicals responsible for premature aging, cancer and even for the heart disease. Furthermore, the combination of several elements present in the foodstuff such as magnesium, that also helps simple form, the dilation of blood vessels, reducing blood pressure and to facilitate blood circulation.

Egg White: Studies in Jilin University (China), showed that egg white has a substance known as a peptide, which has the ability to inhibit a substance that contributes to the narrowing of the blood vessels and therefore, to increase blood pressure.

Milk and dairy products: Important sources of calcium, milk and dairy products can not be left out of the diet of people with hypertension. The calcium acts as hypotensive, ie acts in lowering blood pressure, since it stimulates the removal of sodium. The great advantage of these foods is that small portions presenting high concentration of the mineral.

Yogurt: The yogurt is another good choice of foods that help fight hypertension. For, Like milk and dairy products, this food is an important source of calcium, which stimulates the reduction of sodium in the body. This action has the ability to fight high blood pressure (but remember to choose the option with less fat content).

Almonds: Almonds are another great alternative to foods that help fight hypertension. Because, just like the nuts, these oil are important sources of magnesium, a substance that acts as a vasodilator, ie. Can dilate blood in vain. Thus, it is a fundamental food to combat high blood pressure.

Foods that help fight hipertensãoCacau: Did you know that Dark Chocolate can lower blood pressure? A study published in The Lancet found that eating 100g of dark chocolate every day can help slightly reduce blood pressure, aiding in the treatment of hypertension. Moreover, experts say that cocoa flavonoids participate in the formation of a substance that is responsible for relaxing the blood vessels.

Beetroot: This vegetable is rich in a substance layer of nitrate, which is known to be the precursor of nitric acid, a potent natural vasodilator. Furthermore, he found that patients who consumed 250 ml of beet juice had a reduction in blood pressure.

How to control the pressure: There is no food that is more important to combat this problem, and the inclusion of certain foods in the diet, associated with lower salt intake, embedded and industrial, the practice-oriented physical activity and weight loss will result in controlling blood pressure. However, the garlic oil is a good supplement, since it is rich in allicin (antioxidant), which prevents cholesterol deposits onto the artery walls, avoiding the blockage of the vessels. It also increases the elasticity of these vessels, promoting circulation and reducing blood pressure.

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