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11 Side Effects of Guarana

Efeitos Colaterais do GuaranĂ¡

Guarana is a plant from the Amazon, which is found in parts of Venezuela and Brazil.

The benefits of Guarana (check the 14 Benefits of Guarana To Health) are due to the presence of caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, tannin, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, Tamina and vitamin A.

In addition, guarana powder has aphrodisiac properties , antibacterial, diuretic, and is a powerful energizing, helps concentration, reduces stress and helps to burn fat, allowing a greater weight loss for people who follow a diet.

Side effects of Guaranao Guarana is commonly found in the form of powder obtained from the dried seeds, roasted and then ground, and in the form of syrup, widely consumed in drinks, although present much lower amount of guarana seed extract its composition.

however, in addition to its beneficial properties for health, it contains some negative effects. So,

check out The 11 Side Effects of Guarana.

The Side Effects of Guarana are:

heart palpitations.
frequency of urination.
Increase the risk of kidney disease.
Affect the functioning of the thyroid.
Loss of appetite.
Diarrhea or constipation.

Noting that people who suffer from high blood pressure and heart problems and women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid guarana and derived from guarana. In addition, Guarana should not be combined or taken when formulated with ephedrine (as found in dietary supplements and sports drinks), as this may cause irregular heartbeat.

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