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12 Foods That Seem Healthy, But they are not!

alimentos que Parecem Saudáveis, mas não são

Know the foods that seem healthy, but they are not. For Today in the food industry offers several options to stay healthy and have a good diet; however, there are products that are sold with the promise of being healthy and are not. In addition, many of them, instead of bringing health benefits to bring us harm.

In the process of industrialization, as well as salt, sugar and fat are added various chemicals to enhance flavor and make the product last longer, many of which still is not clear what effect can have long-term in the body. Seemingly innocent, there are foods that are in various diets and are considered by most people as healthy, but can cause you to gain weight and, worse still develop diseases. So, check out the 12 foods that seem healthy, but they are not!

Healthy foods that seem to, but not are1. box of juice: This is one of the foods that seem healthy, but they are not. For some of these drinks, fruit nectar also called, have as much or more sugar than sodas. They are up to two tablespoons each 200 ml, plus a large amount of sodium, a substance that, in excess, can overload the kidneys and increase the chances of a child having high blood pressure in the future. The colorants and fragrances also appear in box juice (including in soy), or further chemical. The output is switch it with the natural juice (or water even!).

2. Cereal Bar: This is another of the foods that seem healthy, but they are not. For Many people change the habit of having a candy in exchange for a cereal bar, but some of these bars are almost a sweet much sugar they contain, besides having preservatives and flavorings. The average level of fiber is a grass and that's just for the body's needs, which also reduces the potential for satisfaction - then the person ends up consuming too much or eating other food later. Best bars have 3:05 grams of fiber. The same lights and diets, are made with sweeteners, which is not as healthy as we think.

3. Turkey Breast: Among the sausages, is the "least worst". But one must remember that it is a processed meat and has too much sodium in the composition, a danger to the development of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, preservatives are related to increased risk of various cancers.

4. teas in cans: The canned teas have flavonoids, antioxidants. But they also have lots of sugar or sweetener, similar to soft drinks. In addition, some types of tea are rich in caffeine, which can cause anxiety, insomnia and accelerate the heart.

5. Spices Ready: Most have very high concentrations of sodium and chemicals. Among them, monosodium glutamate, one flavor enhancer altering the taste buds and creates a kind of addiction. As the taste is intense, when we do not use, we think nothing has flavor. Therefore, when cooking, always prefer fresh herbs to give a special taste to the dish, some are good options as parsley, mint, fennel, coriander, pepper, Garlic, Pepper, kingdom and others.

6. Prepared Salads: This is one of the foods that seem healthy, but they are not. For A common mistake is to assume that everything that involves the word "salad" has to be healthy. Salad with tuna, chicken and shrimp are often loaded with mayonnaise with fat and calories hidden among its ingredients. So, if you make that choice, prefer to mayonnaise light and keep an eye on portion size. Better yet if you do own salad at home - so you can control the amount and above all the ingredients.

7. Breaded Chicken: It seems chicken meat, but the batter is what nutritionists call of plywood, a mixture of anything nutritious ingredients such as chicken parts, skin, flour and powdered milk. So even if you do baked instead of fried, it is not healthy. To make matters worse, which gives taste to the mix is ​​monosodium glutamate. In addition, the substance enhances the flavor and interferes with the child's palate, leaving the taste bud used to this kind of food.

8. Cream Cracker Integral: Five whole grain crackers equivalent to a French bread, which is less processed and contains less fat and quenches more - but often have more salt. The full type cracker cream cracker also usually have little fiber, it is made with wheat flour enriched with iron and other nutrients, but not really full.

Healthy food that seem to, but not são9. Diet Chocolate: This is one of the foods that seem healthy, but they are not. For For those who are dieting, the idea of ​​being able to consume chocolate without sugar seems reasonable. The problem is that to make this type of edible food extra doses of fat are added, and it becomes more calorific than conventional ones. In the case of diabetics, no problems with cholesterol, moderate consumption valley.

10. Olives: The Olives is an interesting food to be used as a spice in many preparations. Their fat is unsaturated and helps in reducing bad cholesterol. But we must remember that the olives we eat is stored in salt water, so consumption must be moderate. Three to four units every other day is ok!

11. Fruit Syrup: Do not be fooled into thinking you're eating something healthy. Starting with the sauce, loaded with sugar. And, as the fruit is processed, it loses fiber and other nutrients. Okay, it's better than a chocolate eclair, but consumed only occasionally.

12. Soups Powder: The Soups are often a meal option with fewer calories. However industrialized versions requiring only the addition of water must not form part of the diet. They contain many preservatives, but mostly too much sodium: some even more than twice the recommended amount for a whole day. Moreover, the problem is that it is easy to make the consumption of these soups a habit, and that's not healthy. They have fibers have good nutrients, addition of excess sodium physician .. The suggestion is making homemade soup once a week and freeze.

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