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14 Reasons To Drink More Water During the Day

Motivos Para Consumir mais Água

Os reasons to drink more water during the day are many. But we will list the main ones that help in proper functioning of the body. For Water plays a key role in the proper functioning of the body. Dehydration can affect consciousness, induce speech unconscious lead to weakness in the extremities, hypotension and tachycardia.

To supply all the body's needs must be taken, on average, two liters of water every day. Furthermore, over 24 hours lost about two liters of water by perspiration, urine, breathing and other activities that maintain vital functions. The body does not have any reservations or conditions for water storage. It is essential that your spare is daily to maintain health and basic body functions. So, check out the 14 reasons to drink more water during the day.

Reasons To Consume more water 1. Dehydration: This is one of the main reasons to drink more water during the day. Therefore our body is composed of 72% water and when we feel thirsty, we are already dehydrated. The dehydration can cause chronic illness and premature aging because the body "steals" the water of organs to meet the shortage of the fluid in the tissues. In addition to cool, water is an important element for hydration. Drinking a reasonable amount of water ensures that the body is fed. Besides, the hydration of the body fights infection and helps the blood transport of minerals such as iron, important to strengthen the body's defenses.

2. Controlling Blood Pressure: Studies conducted in the United States showed that water without any additives may have an important role in blood pressure regulation. In addition, Water has great influence on Pressure Control, since their presence determines the density of blood. That is why a few meters devices, the pressure is measured in percentage of water in the blood.

3. Water Helps Weight loss: The water intake reduces water retention and helps in weight reduction. And if taken before meals helps even more. According to studies conducted at the University Virginia Tech, USA, drink 2-3 cups before meals helps control appetite. Carrying, this is a reason to drink more water.

4. Water helps to eliminate toxins: The consumption of water is vital for the proper functioning of the body, since when not in Pure pampering properly, toxic and harmful substances are retained in the body, paving the way for the emergence of some diseases. Furthermore, each 500 grams of fat, the body metabolizes are produced and disposed in the body about 550 grams of a mix of water and debris which tends to accumulate more and more. To be eliminated, there is only one way: put more water to circulate in the body, providing a sort of internal cleaning, ensuring the water balance of the body.

5. Benefits For Skin: This is a good reason to drink more water during the day. For Water helps in cell renewal and reduce flaking dry skin. Moreover, it is a key element to slow the effects caused by age.

6. Eliminate tiredness: Water eliminates fatigue more than coffee, because when comes the end of the day, our body is dehydrated and needs water to have more energy. By ingesting coffee, which is a diuretic, pioramos dehydration and hence fatigue.

7. Water Helps in absorption of nutrients: Nutrients and glucose need water to be absorbed by the body. The net is the necessary complement to carry these nutrients into the bloodstream and distribute them by the body.

8. Water improves bowel function: When the intestines are not working very well, a good tip is to eat more fiber and drink more water too. In fact, eating lots of fiber and little water causes the reverse effect: gut arrested. This same water assists in lubricating the intestinal walls and moving the stool, constipation and avoiding the formation gases.

Reasons To Consume More Water During Day9. Water helps to prevent diseases: This is one of the main reasons to drink more water during the day. For, apart from aging, dehydration contributes to the onset of diseases such as allergies, asthma, colitis, constipation, migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, among others. Prevention often is in liquid ingest more frequent.

Other Reasons to drink more water during the day

hydrated You keep provides protection against bladder cancer, prostate and breast.
The water acts on the physiological processes of digestion, absorption and excretion, resulting in good intestinal functions;
Water helps transports nutrients and waste, besides functioning as a solvent, so it is essential to metabolic functions.
The Water plays a key role in the functioning of the circulatory system;
The renal system is also benefited, as aids in the excretion of impurities, including protecting against the stone kidney problem.

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