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14 Spices That Help Lose Weight Fast

tempero que ajudam a emagrecer rápido

The spices that help with weight loss are nothing new, on the contrary, they are used for thousands of years. They have an thermogenic action helping the metabolism, increasing the burning calories and therefore fat. Some also have lipolytic action (break the already accumulated fat molecule in the body), and reduce cholesterol levels. In addition, the spices that help you lose weight fast have amazing benefits for the overall health of the body. She also add flavor and aroma to our plates.

In the world of spices has something to offer for those who want to improve their health and that includes achieving and maintaining good form. In addition, the spices are as important as the main foods consumed in a diet for weight loss. They help boost metabolism and act as antidotes to the toxins we eat. Therefore, include certain condiments in food makes them look more tasty and also contribute to weight loss, it provides a faster burning of calories. Then, the 14 spices that help you lose weight fast.

spice that help with weight loss rápidoPimenta Red: The red pepper is an excellent choice of spices that help you lose weight fast. For its main ingredient, capsaicin, helps in the functioning of the intestine, sending away the toxins from the body. Furthermore, the thermogenic is a food that induces the body to spend its energy during the digestive process, accelerating weight loss.

Black pepper kingdom: The black pepper kingdom is another good choice of spices that help you lose weight fast. Therefore, its use is so common in the Brazilian table, it can be an ally in weight loss. In addition, it contains piperine, which is "relative" of capsaicin and also helps to send the fat away. If combined with capsaicin, the chances of weight loss are even greater.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is well known for its properties to increase metabolism and the benefits it has to regulate the levels of blood sugar. Consuming cinnamon will help reduce triglycerides, cholesterol and improve glucose metabolism, thanks to this feel less anxiety to eat and will be of great help to control weight. therefore it is a great seasoning that help you lose weight fast.

Garlic: Garlic helps metabolize carbohydrates and fats much more efficiently. Your continued use, according to some animal studies, prevents the body to create extra fat. It has allicin, a substance that accelerates energy expenditure, reduces fluid retention and purifies the body. In addition, he is one of the spices that are also used as an appetite suppressant.

Clove India: The clove India is another good alternative spices that help you lose weight fast. In addition, it helps to mitigate cough and eliminates bacteria from the mouth, it contains a compound called eugenol. Scientific studies show that this substance has anti-inflammatory action, healing and analgesic, particularly in cases of toothache.

Cardamom: The cardamom is a little known in Brazil, Cardamom is a spice widely used in Asia. The sides of here, you can find in the spice markets or local houses. Cardamom contains a compound called melatonin which, in turn, was identified as one of the hormones that help regulate weight. Moreover, studies carried out have shown that this hormone stimulates the appearance of white fat, type fat cells burning calories, rather than store it. Gives to include spice in breads, cakes and meats.

Coriander: The coriander is widely used in the preparation of soups, fish and sauces, this plant has digestive properties that combat intestinal inflammation, constipation and help weight loss.

Oil: The oil is rich in monounsaturated fat, which is good for the body, and, of course, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Mustard: Mustard is another good alternative spices that help you lose weight fast. Therefore it has a thermogenic action, promotes the burning of calories while digesting food. It is estimated that mustard accelerate the metabolism by 25%. Traditional presentation tubes to be placed on snacks, not always pleasing to all palates, and bring other industrialized spices.
seasonings which help weight loss rápidoSalsa: Studies have shown that consumption of parsley reduces the amount of blood glucose. One more feature that causes appetite control. It is also diuretic and remove toxins from the body.

Saffron or Turmeric: A compound present in turmeric helps prevent the growth of fat cells after weight loss. And add it in everyday life is easy. It's versatile sauces, meats, chicken or any other culinary inspiration. Therefore, it is a spice that help you lose weight fast.

Other spices that help to Lose Weight Fast:

The Oregano and help digestion and prevent the feeling of high stomach, has diuretic action.
Ginger helps reduce appetite and controls anxiety. In the form of tea, it is an interesting thermogenic agent, in addition to its astringent function, which will cleaning the body.

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