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18 Lemon Benefits To Health


An item that you must make sure not to leave out of the diet is lemons. Most people are completely unaware of the lemon to a diet, using only the taste that they provide, without thinking of making use of them to absorb their benefícios.limões

But when used properly, lemons are not only a fantastic way to enhance the flavor of your meal, but also offers numerous health benefits. We will guide you through the major benefits you will have to add lemons and guides you with three simple ideas to start incorporating into your diet.

Some other Lemon benefits:

1. Lemon contains a natural fiber that reduces the absorption of fat stored by the body, and helps you feel satiated.
2. Lemon acids help slow the absorption of sugar after a meal.
3. Vitamin C present in lemon produces an amino acid that helps our body to burn fat.
4. Lemon juice makes fried food to be digested faster.
5. The potassium in lemon helps regulate body fluids, and its magnesium relaxes the arteries.
6. Lemon juice resembles some hypertension medications and helps in controlling blood pressure.
7. Lemon has antiviral and antibacterial properties.
8. Lemon is an expectorant - often used in cough medicine that encourages ways to expel mucus.
9. The lemon can be found in virtually all parts of the world.
10. Reduces body temperature, which makes it great in the summer.
11. It has minerals such as silica, calcium, iron, manganese and copper. In addition, the lime is also rich in vitamins B1, B2 and B3 and recommended for the prevention of diseases of the nervous system.
12. Lemon acids interfere with the proper functioning of the endocrine glands and prevent bleeding, so common in diabetics and the elderly. "
13. Lemon is recommended in the prevention of cardiovascular problems because it protects the arteries.
14. Lemon is recognized for millennia as an antibiotic and antiseptic intestinal.
15. In India, the lemon juice is the sacred drink of the morning breakfast acting as a purifying agent, regulation and poison antidote or intoxication "
16. His laxative regulates the intestines.
17. Lemon still, with its astringent power, reduces the formation of intestinal gas. Thus, it avoids swelling of the stomach and intestines "
18. The regular and correct use of lemon will facilitate the release of excess body fat, as well as prevent the formation of such deposits.

But, as we know, any excess food becomes harmful, with lemon is no different, when consumed in the wrong way can cause to anemia. Use it together with fruits, leafy vegetables, beans, roots and seeds.

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