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Bodybuilding - The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made By Beginners


Most beginners in bodybuilding do not know what to do to achieve the goals in the gym. Many instructors do not do much about helping, and for those just starting out and can not afford to hire a good personal, it is difficult to go by the wayside certo.Dentre more errors committed by beginners in bodybuilding, 5 below are the main ones.

musculacaoTREINAR LONG: In traditional sports like football, tennis and athletics, the more you train, the better you get. This is not the case in bodybuilding. Less is more! To grow you need a good rest. Beginners should not train more than four times a week and each workout should last less than an hour. If it takes more than an hour to complete the training, you're not working hard enough. Your goal is to gain muscle mass? Click here and learn how to do 3 amazing recipes to gain muscle ...

NOT TRAIN THE WHOLE BODY: I know people who only train the chest and biceps (and not a few). Everyone wants to have the arm and pectoralis major, but they forget that the rest of the body also needs to be worked on, otherwise will be disproportionate. Another common thing is to find people who do not train legs. Some leg exercises, such as the deadlift and the squat, work your whole body, raise your testosterone levels, etc. Thus, only train the muscles Preferred is a big mistake.

TRAIN WELL AND IF FOOD BADLY: Unless you have experienced friends to guide them, most of the starters in bodybuilding begins training without even changing his food. The diet is about 70% in muscle building, and if it is not good, you will not grow, just like that. You need to consume a lot of protein, carbohydrates and essential fats daily to gain muscle mass.

POOR TECHNIQUE: The important thing is not the amount of weight you lift, but the way they lift weights. The training must be hard yes, but to do any good lift weights anyway, just to talk to friends who took both the bench press. All movements should be slow and controlled, using the muscles to lift weights. also know my friends, a great way that "I" use to increase my lean muscular mass, are 100 recipes for anabolic muscle mass. you will receive a composite video material they teach step by step how to prepare the recipes. Even those who have little experience in the kitchen can prepare with ease, click here and meet

FAST FOLD: It's amazing how the academies are busy at certain times of year, and after some time only remain the same as always. Some beginners believe that just train for two months, without much effort, and will already equal to the strongest guy in the gym. That does not exist! All begin sometime (even stronger), and the muscle building process is not fast. It is true that at the beginning ever notice any difference, but for the results to be satisfactory is necessary to train with determination and to eat well for a long period of time, I have helped at all!

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