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What is Paleo Diet?

Dieta-dieta paleo

The paleo diet is the healthiest method of feeding because it is the only nutritional approach that works according to our genetics, helping us stay lean, strong and full of energy! Research in the fields of biology, bio-chemistry, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and many other disciplines indicate that the modern diet full of refined foods, trans fats and sugar, such as degenerative diseases of roots such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease , Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, depression and infertilidade.Dieta-paleo diet most people want to lose weight quickly, causing numerous diets and regimes with calorie control. Besides being frustrated by the great inefficiency of most of them, often instead of lose weight end up "losing" health. In my experience with the Paleo diet (results may vary), weight loss (weight loss) is a natural, simple and improves the health and disposition.

So, what is the Paleo Diet?

When we are talking about Paleo there is not a system, or a control calories. The simplicity is in eating quality and correctly. Do not swallow what is harmful to our health (anti-nutrients, and high doses of carbohydrates that raise and our insulin level in the blood). The Paleo diet is an eating habit that becomes part of our life, and produces immediate results.

The diet is simple!

What to eat: meat (including organs such as liver, heart, etc.), eggs, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits, olive oil, butter (not margarine).

What to avoid: Dairy, grains (wheat and derivatives and soybean), sugar, soft drinks, beer and other industrialized drinks with sugar, processed oils, chips, breads, crackers, vegetable oils, corn. Beans and vegetables should be avoided as well.

So it's very simple: our body (genes) has been programmed for thousands of years to protein food (mainly animal flesh: beef, poultry, fish, etc.), and quality of fat (animal, not processed) as the main source of energy !

too many carbs, the danger:

Carbohydrates (sugars) when consumed in the way that the modern diet "instructs" (sugar, juices, sweeteners, soft drinks, bread, wheat, chips, etc.), and make sure our body use them as an energy source, the amount normally consumed, which is not yet used is stored as fat in our cells (for we use in future).

The problem is that our food is constant with this "high dose" of carbohydrates, so we are always very high levels of insulin in the blood (which is no longer good for our health), and our body as well as always being "fattening" not burn this excess fat. It's a terrible cycle from the point of view of our health.

The fat we accumulate is what our body is to be programmed for use as energy if we are needing. In fact, even hunger, changes when we move the food in the right way, because when we take in very high amounts of carbohydrates (sugars), the body in addition to "burn them" quickly, we also feel hungry again soon. lose weight quickly
Therefore, the ingestion of these sugars undergo a sense of rapid satiety. When you stop taking them, at first, the body suffers as a "withdrawal symptoms" (of course in a figurative sense). And many people in the first week feel an intense desire to consume them. But in a few days pass, and the body "reprograms" quickly burn fat as the main source of energy.

The result is weight loss with health, more available, and result in a considerable improvement of well-being.

Unlike what some people think, the Paleo diet is simply not "against" the intake of carbohydrates (sugars), because we have sugars in fruit, and as ingredients in some or other food that we consume on a daily basis. Carbohydrates should be consumed in a moderate way, not as a primary source of energy and satiety hunger.

Paleo is control and focus on quality food which is not focused on: dairy, grains and carbohydrates. Focused on what our body was "educated" to feed over millions of years. Unlike calorie control schemes in which people get stuck, the Paleo diet is one in which the person feels free to eat well, to be satisfied and quiet. Keep in mind that our body has the capacity to create glucose (sugar) from the fat and protein.

Usually a 80:20 rule is ideal for beginners in the Paleo diet, improving and evolving in the direction of proper nutrition over time. Without radicalism and extremism results are efficient and direct, without regimes and impositions of this or that.

Keep in mind that our ancestors were not "obese", and did not consume the range of manufactured products that we have today, and still had a more active life, in which agility, power, and provision were key factors for survival (were basically hunters and gatherers, agriculture has "only" 10,000 years).

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