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WHY you are unable to Burn Fat?

PORQUE você não está conseguindo Queimar Gordura ?

Regardless of your genetics or how special you think your case is, if you are not seeing significant results, most likely you're making one or all of these mistakes:

1 - You are out of Reality

If there is a universal thought in bodybuilding is the thought of getting results as quickly as possible. We all want fast results, but for results we get such an effect, we need to create realistic expectations. If you are not thin or not very close to it and want remarkable results in weeks, you're probably already creating unrealistic expectations. Gain lean mass 10kg lead to months and some people think they will be able to lose this amount of fat in a little over a month. If you are one of those people, you need an urgent reality check. Fat loss as well as muscle hypertrophy, is a long-term work and no shortcuts.
It is not uncommon to see people giving up their goals by not seeing results, but in fact the only thing missing was this reality check. Create realistic expectations based on the fact that significant changes occur in months rather than weeks.

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2 - Lack of Intensity

If your workout ideas for fat loss is to be walking for hours on the treadmill and watching TV, so be prepared to waste several hours of your life that you'll never get back. Worst of all is a person who makes a practice of those wanting quick results. You'll never see changes without a workout with the proper intensity. This is true for both fat loss and muscle gain. You already know the easy weight loss method, with it you will gain a query + 3 cookbooks for Weight loss. You like it? Click Here is know that Sensational easy weight loss method!

Instead of wasting all your time walking or doing a workout "nice". Try running and gradually increasing the amount of time as the body is used to it and instead of making 5 sets of 20 repetitions with those plastic pesinhos in order to "set", try to train as heavy as any blacksmith. Fat is no excuse not to work hard, on the contrary, an intense, heavy weight training will only accelerate their results and also will cause you to have a much more harmonious body and more muscle mass.

3 - Turn a "sedentary" Outside the Academy

Okay, you're running, training hard and creating realistic expectations for its results, but outside academia you become a common sedentary calling for fastfood at the first opportunity you will not find a healthy food and drink till you drop all to semana.Antes all make this question for yourself and answer mentally, "Because I spent my precious money and effort in the gym if I'm playing all the trash out of it?"

What do you do outside the gym has an impact greater than or equal to what you do in it. There is no point following a strenuous workout routine, if you do not follow a diet according to your goal. You need not turn into an anti-social being to change the body, but if you think you will be able to achieve their goals without making some sacrifices you're in the wrong sport.
I know your friends or co-workers drink every weekend and still eat bacon with mayonnaise every day and still thin, but you are different and it is up to you to understand what your needs are unique, and the sooner you understand this , the closer you are to your goal. Also see how to Lose Belly Recipes for Weight loss of time!

A correct, natural weight loss and true is only possible when it concerns the functioning of the body and not a lot of guesswork and sensationalism! Watch the video and learn the real way to burn fat ...

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