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10 Benefits of Jiló For Health


The Jiló is a famous fruit by its bitter taste, classified as a herbaceous plant whose cultivation is common in our country, especially in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. Furthermore, Jiló is very typical food present in Brazil and has several modes of preparation in some bitter becomes more subtle. however, the tropical fruit often neglected by its extremely bitter taste, eggplant, should do more on the menu of the people, because it has great health benefits.

Jiló-JilóO Jiló is an extremely beneficial fruit for health. Therefore, it has a low calorific value is a great nutritional value. Furthermore, Jiló is a fruit rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex addition of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium.

Benefit Jiló in Disease Prevention: The Jiló has great anti-cancer properties due to the high fiber content combined with its low amount of fat, which in turn help to prevent health problems such as colorectal cancer and constipation.

Benefit Jiló in Thinning: The Jiló has a low calorie, and is great for those who want to lose weight. Moreover, it represents 90% of its liquid composition, and and a good amount of food fiber promotes the feeling of satiety to the body. This means that to include Jiló at meals, it becomes easier to control appetite, which is an important step to weight loss. However, eating the fruit once or twice is not enough to get these benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to consume food with a frequency of once or twice a week.

For the benefit of Jiló Heart: Jiló also aids heart health by being a source of vitamin B1, known as thiamine, it is a nutrient that is required for the proper functioning of the heart. In addition, the Jiló brings the potassium in their composition, which acts in the regulation of blood pressure also help with heart function.

Benefit Jiló Diabetes Bearers: The Jiló helps control the absorption of glucose due to its fiber and its low number of carbohydrates. This avoids peaks and sudden drops in blood sugar levels, which is especially dangerous for people who have diabetes.

Benefit Jiló For Digestion: The Jiló causes increased secretion of digestive juices, aiding digestion of other foods. This result also has favorable properties to the liver and should bear fruit for the beneficial effect desired, be consumed in food without added oil or fat.

Jiló-Jiló-JilóBenefício the Jiló For Bad Breath: By consuming the eggplant, the body stimulates salivation therefore promotes a bactericidal action, promoting oral hygiene and a healthy breath.

Other benefits Jiló For Health:

The Jiló has biochemicals which are known as flavonoids, antioxidants whose function is to protect blood to combat the increase of cholesterol, which is bad fat.
The Jiló is considered a powerful ally in the treatment of liver and biliary disorders dyspepsia.
The Jiló is also good for diarrhea and anemia.
The Jiló can be used externally in cases of burns and dermatitis.
Using the Jiló: For those who do not like the bitter eggplant taste, the tip is refolgá it with butter and olive oil, but it is worth remembering that it is precisely the bitter taste that fruit has that stimulates salivation, which is something healthy and necessary .

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