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10 Foods That Increase Libido Naturally

Alimentos que Aumentam a Libido Naturalmente

The Foods That Increase Libido Naturally are known as "aphrodisiacs". These foods perform various actions in metabolism, such as increase blood circulation, act directly on the central nervous system and alter libido. In addition to increasing the production of sex hormones, they stimulate feelings of pleasure, favoring vaginal lubrication and prolonging ereção.Alimentos to Increase LibidoPorém to maintain a healthy sex life is not enough to consume the foods that Increase Libido. It is also necessary to combine a balanced diet with physical exercise, avoid eating too much sugar or saturated fats. But we know what the 10 Foods That Increase Libido Naturally.

1 - Quail Egg: The quail egg is a major Foods that Increase Libido Naturally. Therefore it helps in blood flow and helps to prolong the male erection and female lubrication. That's because they are rich in B vitamins, which help balance hormones and reduce stress: very important factors for the libido.

2 - Almonds: The Almond is considered the symbol of fertility. They are rich in minerals such as zinc, selenium and Vitamin E, which contribute to the sexual health and fertility. Regular intake of almonds increases male hormone levels and consequently increase libido naturally.

3 - Ginger: Ginger is a good alternative Foods that Increase Libido Naturally. For, it stimulates the female lubrication extends the erectile function due to its stimulating action on blood and promote the release of certain sex hormones.

4 - Dark Chocolate: The Dark Chocolate is a great option Foods that Increase Libido Naturally. For chocolate has a stimulant called phenylethylamine, a substance that releases the same endorphins that are released by the body during sex

5 - Asparagus: The Asparagus plants are considered luxury vegetables and also one of the best foods that Increase Libido Naturally. The key ingredient in the vegetable is folate, a substance that helps in the production of histamine, responsible for libido. An adequate level of histamine is essential if you want to have an active sex life.

6 - Pepper: Pepper is popularly known as a food "aphrodisiacs" because it causes physiological reactions in the body, such as sweating, increased blood circulation and heart rate. Therefore, it is an excellent option Foods that Increase Libido Naturally.

7 - Garlic: Garlic helps to increase a woman's libido and acts in the bloodstream, allowing sense of being.

8 - Sunflower seeds: The sunflower seeds contains the fuel you need to carry the flame of passion for your room. These highly nutritious seeds are rich in zinc, fats and vital nutrients to the productive health. They also have high potassium content that will keep the lubrication of your muscles and protect it from cramps during sexo.Alimentos to Increase Libido Naturalmente8 - Celery: Studies have shown that the Celery stalk helps your body release androsterone, an odorless hormone that is released by men through breathing, so the woman breathes this air with the hormone and increases your libido naturally.

9 - Honey: Honey is an excellent alternative Foods that Increase Libido Naturally. Because it helps the body use estrogen and increases testeronas levels.

10 - Red Wine: A University of Florence, Italy, showed that red wine has the power to increase female libido. The stated benefit is to get the drink one to two cups per day.

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