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12 Tips To Quit Sedentary

12 dicas para sair do sedentarismo

The tips to get out of a sedentary lifestyle are some alternatives to get out of the routine and tricks to help you through this step. A sedentary lifestyle is a bad increasingly present in our society and it stems from several causes. We live in an era where physical efforts are becoming less necessary and everything is just a click away from us. So why move? That is the danger, because just making it a habit and forget that our body needs certain tasks to stay in perfect working order.

Amaze laziness with activities, and help to eliminate extra weight, benefit other areas of health. Just like a car stopped for a long time just rusting, the human body is no exception. This is because keeping the inactivity for years may impair various areas of the body, causing it suffers with aging, or the person may be 50 but appear a body - and arrangement - of a subject 70, e.g. .

Tips To Quit SedentarismoA good news is that it's never even later start to move: from children to seniors can (and should!) Physical activities. Thinking about it, selecioneu some physical exercises that contribute to the process of weight loss and breakage, avoid the appearance of a number of diseases. Check out the 12 Tips To Quit Physical inactivity.

Walk: The walk is one of the top tips to get out of a sedentary lifestyle. For you know any easier exercise than walking? It can be practiced at any age, the mode is the most democratic activity there. Moreover, It helps maintain muscle form of Inferior members and for people who are very sedentary, it can help in the improvement of cardiorespiratory capacity, but only for those who actually practice no physical activity for at least three years.

Race: The race is another good alternative to get out of a sedentary lifestyle. For those who want to lose weight, activity is ideal. Being an aerobic exercise - the body uses oxygen and nutrients such as glucose, fat and carbohydrate to produce energy for muscle, running helps eliminate many calories. Also, It improves cardiovascular fitness and, if performed at intervals way increases and boosts fat reduction. See this also: THE MOVEMENTS 3 TESTED TO DRY BELLY AT HOME ...

Swimming: To ward off the heat, the activity is very welcome. Moreover, it lessens the impact on the joints, which is beneficial for those suffering with knee pain, for example. The method also stimulates muscle tone and allows the arms, legs, head, trunk and hip work together. Physical fitness generated by the swimming is very similar to the race: increased cardiovascular conditioning and metabolism. And if swimming is performed at intervals way, that is, instead of you swim continuously, you take shots at higher intensity, enhances fat burning and further improves cardiovascular fitness.

Dance: Want to have fun and at the same time lose weight? But know that dance is the perfect mode for you. In addition to strengthening friendships, it is beneficial to health. In addition, the mode is related to the mental benefit of people do, rejoice and have a moment of relaxation.

Martial Arts: Judo, jujitsu, kung fu ... the options are many and the benefits too. If they are carried out in alternating fashion, i.e. with low intensity stimuli, they help to improve cardiovascular fitness, enhance the reduction of fat and muscle mass increase. Also, people who practice arts steadily - two to three times a week - are more confident.

Bodybuilding: Who has "back foot" with this mode should change your mind. This is because the benefits provided by the practice are visible. Also, the weight increases muscle mass and resting metabolism, so people consume more fat at the time of rest. The activity helps lose weight because it increases the potential for oxidation, or fat burning. In the elderly, it can contribute to people to be more independent, as an old guy, who does weight training, will have more autonomy to climb stairs and decrease the chances of a fall. So, it is the epitome of physical activities.

No Leave Home: Vinicius Possebon created a weight loss method, known as "Burning 48 hours." The technique, which is applied online, is one of the best-selling training in Brazil. With about 35,000 students, the method bet on exercises in HIIT style (High Intensity Interval Training or High Intensity Interval Training) and combines movements that can be done in any environment using only your body weight. The training lasts between 5 and 15 minutes, and trigger the natural mechanisms that cause the body to use stored fat as a source of power for up to 48 hours of training, which makes it the fastest and most effective weight loss process.

Other Tips To Quit Sedentary:

Choose an activity that gives pleasure and can be practiced in an environment that let you more at ease.
Start gradually. No run if you're not prepared for it. Start with high intensity activities can cause injury and demotivate.
Use appropriate clothing. Do not wear warm clothing when the temperature is the pin. This will lead to dehydration and not to weight loss.
Look for friends to follow the practice of the exercises. So, create a source of extra motivation to train.
Do not do physical activity fasting and hydrate well before, during and after workouts. For good performance, we need to be fed and well hydrated.

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