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9 Tips To Improve Abdominal

Dicas Para Melhorar o Abdominal

Tips to improve the abdominal are steps that enhance and improve performance during training and conseguintemente brings results. For many women and men dream of a defined abdomen, and this living doing exercises the wrong way. Also, to set the abdomen, you also need to strengthen the auxiliary muscles like the obliques, the infra-abdominal muscles and also the lower back, for only thus will have quality and strength to endure more safely, more intense abdominal workouts. So, check below the 9 Tips to Improve Abdominal.

Tips To Improve AbdominalDeixe the Abdomen Contracted: This is one of the main tips to improve abdominal. Well this is just a rule for those who will do an abdominal. By keeping the tensioned muscles, you increase the effect of movement and, therefore, exercise

Stay tuned Breathing: This is a fundamental point during the exercises to set the abdomen. For the time that you have to strive to make the move, release the air. Breathe in the simplest part of the exercise. Example: when making a traditional abdominal release the air when taking the floor back and inhale when the bedtime. This helps you to borrow more muscle belly and focus on exercise. then it takes enough concentration to be done correctly. The correct way to breathe for those years:

Concentric phase (also called positive): This phase is the contraction of the muscle, at which time the weight is lifted or pulled. In the case of direct thread, the concentric phase occurs when we raise the bar up above the chest. It is then that we find greater resistance to make the move.
eccentric (negative call too): It does the opposite movement of the concentric phase. While the concentric phase there is muscle contraction, the eccentric is the relaxation of the muscle. This is when "lowered" the weight. Using again curl as an example, it the eccentric phase is when we lower the bar to below the waist.
Reach concentric failure: It is not easy to reach concentric failure in all abdominal series, but try to reach it, because so is forcing more your muscle and have more results.

No rush: This is one of the main tips to improve abdominal Well, do the abdominal movement slowly, which increases the intensity of exercise. To help, count to three in time to make every move. Faster than that, it's too fast.

Enhance range of motion: When made with higher amplitude, abdominal exercises become more intense, therefore, seek to use some implements, such as the Swiss balls or banks. In seeking stability, your abdominal muscles will be widely used

Work with the various parts of the abdomen: To get a nice tummy, invest in exercises for the various parts of it. Basically, there are three: Part Top, Bottom and Side. The exercises done with the hip touching the ground work the top of the belly (region that is above the navel). Abdominal that require some movement of the leg or hip lift stir the bottom of the belly (area just below the navel). The stir with rotation with the side (the famous pneuzinho). In a workout, the ideal is to have a little of everything, right!

Please rest time: If you decrease the break time between sets, you realize that the last will become more difficult to perform. Thus partial recovery and decrease muscle aumente.Dicas requirement to improve the pain AbdominalNada: if you feel a lot of pain in the neck or back at the time of abdominal, is doing something wrong. Lie on your back on the mat, with your shoulders relaxed. Time to make the move, his eyes should be facing the ceiling, not forward. So that the arms do not pull your head, do not put your hands behind your neck, but at the height of the ears. Taking these precautions, you can ensure that it will move in your body is the belly

Pulled over: if you walk already exercising for .a while and feel the need to further boost your abdominal, ask your teacher to indicate exercises with weights or pilates ball. These variations will already give a good stirred in his belly.

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