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The 10 Flours Helping to Lose Weight

Farinhas que Ajudam a Emagrecer

Flours that help you lose weight are basically rich in fiber is help detoxify the body's cells, helping to eliminate toxins and increasing the feeling of satiety and still balance the metabolism, thus reducing the absorption of sugar and fat in the body. Regulate appetite, delaying gastric emptying: namely, hunger takes longer to appear and even break, flour make a true "cleaning" the body, eliminating toxins and also ease in treating constipation.

The fibers contained in the meal increases the absorption of vitamins and minerals, improving the functioning of the whole organism, promoting weight loss without compromising the health of the organism. But the result appears only if you eat continuously. It is also important to drink plenty of water to facilitate the action of the fibers.

Flours Helping the thinner ease of dusting flour in virtually all types of food ensured that cereals, fruit and vegetable powder to turn into a real success in the world of diets, since consuming nutritious ingredients - sometimes not much appreciated, easier and yummy! So, check out the 10 meals that help you lose weight.

1 - Aubergine Meal: The Eggplant is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and B vitamins, which work together to improve vision and the body's defenses. Moreover, it is rich in vegetable water, which has little fat. In eggplant peel are substances that help prevent cancer.

The eggplant flour is up to ten times more fibers than the eggplant in nature, so it helps to take away the hunger. It can be mixed with broths, soups, juices, vitamins and yogurts. Combined with a balanced diet, two eggplant flour tablespoons every day to help dry the belly.

2 - Green Banana Flour: This is one of the main meals that help you lose weight. For The Benefits of Green Banana can be better used if it is consumed while still green. During the process of maturing, the fruit is rich in one type of resistant starch that does not undergo digestion or absorption and behaves like a soluble fiber in the body, including producing substances which are beneficial.

Like Banana Green is not very pleasant to be ingested, an alternative to consume the fruit is in the form of flour. As has neutral taste, green banana flour can be used in various preparations, including replacing the wheat flour. Can you mix with water or add directly to juices, yoghurts and fruit pieces. The amount of recommended consumption is about two tablespoons per day.

3 - White Bean Meal: White Beans Phaseolamin is rich in A, a protein that inhibits the digestion of carbohydrate and decrease the absorption of sugars by the body. Thus, it becomes a great ally in weight loss.

Consumption of white bean flour reduces up to 20% carbohydrate content absorbed during meals. In practice, it is as if you had eaten a smaller portion. Large amount of fiber increases the speed of intestinal transit and accelerating the metabolism and aiding weight loss process.
daily amount: 3 tablespoons (soup).

4 - Linseed Meal: The Benefits of Flaxseed meal and help you lose weight and fight Constipation for its richness in fiber that help decrease appetite and regulate the intestine, lowers cholesterol, controls blood glucose, ensures good intestinal functions and satiety for a longer time, controlling inflammation in the body because it has omega 3 which is an anti-inflammatory substance, and help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Also, to get all the benefits of Flaxseed meal can eat a tablespoon of flaxseed per day, which is about 10 grams of this flour.

Flour maracuja5 - Passion Fruit meal: Normally fibers are good for satiety, but the fiber in passion fruit flour, pectin, is the insoluble type. The main property of absorbing liquid is transformed into gel to long retention of the bolus in the stomach and intestine, with slow uptake of nutrients; there is prolonged satiety. Furthermore, passion fruit flour helps eliminate fat, blood sugar monitors, regulates bowel function, combat prevents cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Read also: How to Lose Weight in a Fast Fashion and Healthy WITHOUT SUFFERING without Sweating in gyms ...

6 - Black Soybean meal: Black Soybean meal is another excellent alternative meal that help you lose weight. For Flour made with the turbocharged version of the traditional soy is rich in isoflavones and anthocyanins, important substances to fight high cholesterol and even cancer. Moreover, the black soybean flour strip hunger, and makes provision gives more cells absorb 50% less fat. Additionally, Not to mention their properties that act against free radicals, slow the aging process and prevent the aging. Include black soy flour can also be a great way to alleviate the symptoms of PMS and menopause.

7 - Grape flour: Studies have also shown that grape flour decreases the level of bad cholesterol, LDL, and varicose veins, because it activates circulation and also helps slow aging. Besides being rich in resveratrol, it helps prevent cancer.

8 - Ginger Flour: This is one of the main meals that help you lose weight. For Ginger flour helps to decrease cholesterol levels, eliminates fat, acts as an antioxidant, anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, and benefit the digestive system.

9 - Acai meal: Athletes can use flour of Acai, which has all the revigorastes benefits of the fruit, with an advantage: it has half the calories of the pulp. Açaí is a calorie fruit due to its lipids, and flour has no lipids. Also, see this if you want to LOSE ABDOMINAL FAT well simple form and course ...

10 - Quinoa flour: Quinoa flour helps in losing weight because of their amount of fiber, acting in good bowel function and, moreover, serves as a source of omega-3 and omega-6. Basically means the following: it helps the body eliminate fat and break combat bad cholesterol. Furthermore, quinoa flour is often indicated to relieve the stress of everyday life and also mood changes of PMS marked. This is because by having in its composition tryptophan, which helps the regulation of serotonin present in the body.

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