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The 20 Tips For those who will Start Running

Dicas Para quem vai Começar a Correr

The tips for those who will start running are small steps that improved performance during the race. Besides being cheap to run, you can burn 500 calories in an hour of training and improve blood flow in the coronary arteries (arteries that supply the heart), reducing the risk of heart disease. The race also helps strengthen the immune system, because it stimulates the production of macrophages (cells that fight viruses and bacteria) and improve thinking and memory, because, though not enough, the exercise requires concentration.

Tips For those who will Start CorrerTer your goal in training, monitor the intensity of the effort to identify body aches, rest when you are cold and plan the work routine are also essential for you to evolve and leave kilometers behind a form gradually, without haste. Although running is a natural movement that the human being is able to immediately perform after learning to take the first steps, it is important to exercise caution before you start practicing the sport not to turn the healthy habit into something risky. then check out a manual with everything you need to know to start the sport with a lot of energy, ensure a healthier life and also Weight loss and toning the body.

Just think of Running Quarter one already seems a Challenge For You?

Know that with the right guidance and a little determination, the excuses for not practicing one of the most democratic physical activity will end. Regardless of age, weight, anyone can walk or be a runner. At first, a little effort is needed, but the satisfaction after training is immediate. Get ready for this adventure!

TAKING CARE OF YOUR BODY: In any mode you need to be with everything in order to be able to practice it, and the race is no different. Before leaving walking or running around, try to do a physical and medical evaluation to avoid problems in the future. Whenever possible, look for a physical educator to guide you and to define the most appropriate training. Furthermore, It is also important that the teacher analyze your posture during the race and evaluate trampled to choose the best shoes, which is a very significant item.

Tips for Correro TENNIS IDEAL: Using the wrong shoes can cause pain in the back, knees and ankles. Some tips can ensure that you own or will adiquirir the best "Pisante". First, assess the flexibility of the shoe, checking the fold in the thumb base. Try to see if the format is appropriate to your foot and repair the ventilation, quality of materials, workmanship (ideally without seams) and the essential: it is suitable for their trodden. Some brands have products for any trodden, but to know what your, you can take the test in tennis shops, looking for the technical evaluation of a professional sport or do a simple test at home. Read also: How to Lose Weight in a Fast Fashion and Healthy WITHOUT SUFFERING without Sweating in gyms ...

FREQUENCY AND SPEED: After the preparations, it's time to start exercising. The number of times per week that the race is indicated for those starting and duration of the training depends on the level of inactivity and sedentary lifestyle that the individual presents. Also, if the person has never done physical activity or is stopped for more than three months, the most appropriate is to start with walking, with little stimulus hazing (easy runs) and back to walking. Thus, it will be optimized time and training.

This beginning should be between 20 and 30 minutes in length - and can be fractional, or 15 minutes in the morning and 15 in the afternoon - and from 2 to 3 times per week on alternate days (example: Monday and settles; Monday, Thursday and Saturday, so on). In addition, For how long after you can increase the intensity is important in starting a walking program or race, win "ballast". That is, before increasing the duration of training, the individual should try to reach 60% of the total day time running at a constant speed, or if he has 30 minutes of running, before increasing to 40 minutes it should be running ' comfortably '18 minutes, can this be parceled up to three stimuli. However, it is still important to keep the three days of training interspersed, not to overwork the joints and soft tissues.

VARIETY OF SPORTS: During the week, the race can be interleaved with other activities. If the individual has the ability to put on your weekly schedule stretching classes, Bodybuilding, swimming, among others, will always be welcome, provided you have a professional monitoring to determine volume and intensity

WHAT TO EAT AND DRINK: It varies according to the availability of time. If the practitioner has "tight" schedule, to do fast food and leave soon, and depending on the type of training and intensity the person can suffer. The ideal is to be programmed to run after 30 minutes of light power. And up to one hour and comfortable work, only water is enough.

However, for training of high intensity and with few or no breaks replacement with gel carbohydrates and isotonic drinks after exercise should occur an energy balance in the feed so that the body does not have to consume lean mass. In addition, a professional supervision of a dietician is important to make this balance. Remember that it is essential to hydrate before will come, because if it installed, the person may already be in the dehydration process. Read also: How to LOSE 10 KG in 6 weeks or less without spilling a drop of sweat ...

LOSS CALORIC: It depends on the fitness level of each individual and the type of applied training. In a 30-minute workout, a conditioned person can lose about 200 to 300 calories. But for a beginner, the same training can represent an expense 150-200 calories (on average).

ENEMIES OF PERFORMANCE: The overtraining and lack of sleep are detrimental to its performance during the year. The body is no energy and feel the effects of fatigue when the person when the person sleeps little. Always take into account your limits, you try to respect them and sleep well to run better.

THE STREET IN WAKE, THE BEACH ...: There are several differences in the wake of the race and on the street. The equipment can reduce by 30% the impact in relation to a race on asphalt and is usually more suitable for beginners, to reduce the period of adaptation to the sport. Who is starting needs to be 3 to 4 weeks doing hiking and mild hazing in the street before actually running for a muscular adaptation.

In the wake, this time is reduced to two weeks. One should be very careful on the treadmill, because in addition to the equipment to determine the speed, the runner can have a wrong biomechanics. In the street, it is important to pay attention to land, be careful with holes, steep climbs and sharp descents. In addition, the two forms help in the development of race and health, the ideal after the adaptation phase is interim workouts on the treadmill with running sessions on the street. But if the race is on the sand, which is the most horizontal possible ground, not to occur any injuries.

MONITOR THE HEART: It is extremely important to monitor heart rate during exercise to see if the behavior is within the standard. Who can not get a heart monitor should check with the index and middle fingers on the wrist (radial artery) beats, 'feeling the pulsing artery' and register in 15 seconds how many beats the radial artery reacted and multiply by four. The result will be as your heart is beating per minute. What do you think of LOSE definitely a way Quick and Healthy WITHOUT SUFFERING and without sweating in gyms? Seems interesting? so let me explain how, click here and see!

Each has a different feature of the behavior of the heart and which is closely linked to its genetic structure and lifestyle. So it is important to perform next to a specialist a battery of tests (electrocardiogram, stress) to better quantify its limits.

Benefits of Race to saúdeOs 10 Benefits of Running For Health:

Benefits the cardio-respiratory system and reduces cardiac risk.
Reduced cholesterol levels.
Improved joint mobility and the ability of the muscles of the lower limbs.
Weight loss, decrease the percentage of fat and more muscle tone.
More disposal.
Promotes quality of life (self-esteem, overcoming limits, etc.).
Improves the quality of sleep.
Decreased blood pressure.
Accelerates metabolism naturally.
The race increases levels of a neurotransmitter, dopamine, which gives the feeling of pleasure.
BEST TIME TO TRAIN: The decision to start running was taken. The sneakers, clothing and the applications have already been chosen. But here comes the question: what is the most appropriate to turn our body out running around?

In the morning 7 hours 9 hours.
Late afternoon: 17 hours and 19 hours.
Times when the sun "punishes" less.

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