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50 Tips To Lose Weight Fast

Tips to lose weight fast only involve changes in habits and can help eliminate up to 6 kg per month. I have noticed that most people who want to lose weight fast always choose to start with some diets. But many of these people who want to lose weight do not know how to diet or what is the best diet to lose weight fast.

Tips To Lose Weight RápidoEssas people try dieting for aesthetic reasons because they are not happy with the look or because they have put on weight and are no longer in weight were used to keep before. This makes looking for a diet to lose weight fast, or some diet to lose belly, increase every day. So, thinking this difficulty that most of us have to find a diet that really thin, I decided to reveal in this article the 50 Tips To Lose Weight Fast.


1 - In addition to cause back problems, poor posture favors the appearance of bumps on the belly. Dribbling the problem keeping the stomach in, chest out and head erect.

2 - People who work hard time sitting also lead disadvantage when it comes to belly. Police to not leave with the hunched posture. Keep the spine straight and the pelvis properly seated. Read also: How to Lose Weight in a Fast Fashion and Healthy WITHOUT SUFFERING without Sweating in gyms ...

DO NOT LET stewing:

3 - If the belly swelled and the problem is gas, invest in chamomile tea or fennel to help eliminate them. The tip is not to take hot drink, but warm or cold.

4 - According to Indian medicine, you can fight bloating making a powerful energy massage. Simply press a point that is five fingers below the navel.

5 - Not always a plump belly is synonymous with fat. the problem may be caused by the habit of making quick meals or eating talking. Thus, it swallows a lot of air that become gases and estufam the abdomen.

6 - Another problem that can cause gas is the habit of breathing through the mouth, which further weakens muscle tone.

7 - Fight belly braised doing an abdominal massage as upon waking. Still in bed, massage the area clockwise for 20 seconds.


8 - slightly Tense the belly and hold for a while. Relax and repeat the procedure. This simple exercise helps strengthen the muscles in the region.

9 - Alternate hot and cold shower baths also leaves more stiff muscles. In the morning and before bedtime, take a minute cold bath and two hot bath. At the end, take another jet of cold water.


10 - The position of the arms and the head also influences the quality of walking and consequently the amount of calories burned. Move the arms with elbows slightly bent and let the head upright.

11 - Walks should be made three times a week, a half-hour average. Walk firmly, combining wide and quick steps.

12 - If you are sedentary, do not start to run in the first week. Go up the pace of the past gradually to feel safe to join the race.


Tips For Emagrecer13 - Make a light meal before going shopping. Not hungry, you do not run the risk of buying crap

14 - wary of sequinhos or those foods that are fried, but are not oily. The secret of this miracle called trans fat, which clogs veins and fattening.

15 - To not fall into the trap of eating what they should not, do not take home any calorie food. The tip is to make a shopping list and follow it to the letter.

16 - Be careful when checking the amount of calories in a product on its label. Not always the printed value refers to the whole product, but only a portion of it.

17 - To find out which foods contain trans fat, be attentive to your label. It is considered a food "zero" trans fat one that has less than 0.2 g per serving. Also note that the value that the label refers to is about the whole package or on only a part of it.

18 - Keep an eye on the "gotchas." For example, a ready cake that said sugar and integral may contain a high-fat, which could end up damaging their slimming design. Also, see this if you want to LOSE ABDOMINAL FAT well simple form and course ...

19 - Follow this step by step for you to review a product before buying it:

See your amount of calories.
Analyze the amount of fat and no trans fat in its composition.
Check the amount of fiber.
End observing the label sodium indices (which retains liquid) and no sugar in its composition.
20 - light foods are those with up to 25% less of a nutrient compared to its conventional version. This nutrient may be fat, sugar, sodium or even (in the case of light salt). This means that if you overdo it, you may be consuming as many calories as a "normal" product. Caution.

21 - In the list of trans fat in foods champions are the ice cream, margarines, the sandwich cookies and chips fest food. Avoid them.

22 - Diet foods are those that do not have a type of nutrient over the original version (as in the case of sugar, which can not be consumed by diabetics). The problem is that they are not always "skinny", since it may have calorie fat or other nutrients in its composition. Keep an eye!

23 - When consumed in great quantity, the noodles will not be a risk to your diet, especially full. The only problem is the sauce. Let go of white and rosé sauces, which are made with cream and have fat to spare. The best option is to suck the sauce.

24 - The noodles can also become a fattening recipe if you overdo the grated cheese. Prefer to dabble a little ricotta cheese or light mines over the plate.

25 - Do not ever take home tuna or sardines preserved in oil. The light version is preserved in water and salt and is also very tasty.


26 - There are two types of fat: the good (of plant origin) and the bad (of animal origin). While the first help control the good cholesterol, the second clog veins and can cause heart problems.

27 - There is one thing that the good fats have in common with the bad: both get fat. The key is minimizing the consumption of bad fats (found in whole milk products, in meat and egg) and replacing their consumption by the good fats (found in olive oil, vegetables oils and nuts).

28 - Use olive oil as a seasoning salads, restricting their consumption to 1 tablespoon (dessert) per dish.

29 - Do not use the oil in frying. When heated, the food oxidizes and loses its good properties, making it harmful to health.

30 - Not everything that is natural is thin. Two examples are coconut and açaí, which are sources of vegetable fat. Consume them in moderation.

31 - Remove the skin from chicken and other birds. In general, this skin is just fat.

32 - If you can not get used to skim milk pass to consume low-fat. The important thing is to avoid the whole dairy products, which have fat to spare.

33 - Candy Run away with covering and filling, the fried foods and fatty cheeses.

34 - If the intention is to eat pizza, do not exceed the first slice.

35 - Do you want to indulge in an ice cream, then opt for popsicle. Lemon, for example, has neither 60 calories. Already the mass of ice cream have fat in their composition.


36 - Change the oil to cook the shoyu light when frying the vegetables. While the former has 90 calories, the second contains less than 3!

37 - Replace half of the rice grains by cabbage cut into thin slices is also a great way for you to cut 14 calories for every tablespoon. Moreover, the cabbage is detoxifying and gives a hand digestion.

38 - Want to save 95 calories in the omelet? Easy, just make the dish only with clear, discarding the yolk.

39 - Not to resort to oil or consume fried foods, buy a nonstick skillet to do the dishes from your diet.

40 - Turn your French roll taking the core. Thus, its caloric value drops from 134 calories to 90 calories.

41 - Pure Orange Juice, made with 4 units, has 173 calories. Longer if you use the 1 Orange juice with 1 medium slice of papaya and water, will consume only 79 calories without losing anything in the question sabor.Dicas-for-slim-rápido42 - At the time of season the salad, use a mixture of lemon water Parsley, chives, onion and chopped tomatoes. In addition to delicious, 1 spoon (soup) of this spice contains less than 7 calories. What do you think of LOSE definitely a way Quick and Healthy WITHOUT SUFFERING and without sweating in gyms? Seems interesting? so let me explain how, click here and see!

43 - In the snacks and supper, invest in skinny and tasty food. They will leave you full and prevent you eat junk throughout the day. Good choices are cereal bars, coconut water, 1 cup (250ml) of fruit juice or soy milk.

44 - Fool hunger leaving fruit skinny bites in the refrigerator. The best options are watermelon and melon that in addition to low calorie, are rich in water.

45 - hit like eating a dessert? No pass deprivation. Not to hinder your weight loss plan, eat less during the meal and opt for a small portion of the sweet.

46 - Let the accelerated metabolism doing more meals throughout the day with smaller portions of food. Start the day with breakfast and morning snack, following lunch and afternoon snack. End the day with dinner and supper.

47 - Nothing to eat only one type of food. The ideal course should be composed of 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat.

48 - Water is still the best drink for those who wish to lose weight. The reason? It helps to eliminate retained fluids, hydrates the body and still amazes hunger out of time. To improve when consumed geladinha, it leaves the metabolism in full swing.

49 - Open meals with a plate of very colorful and well seasoned salad. Satiated, you will not eat the hot dishes, which tend to be more caloric.

50 - Fruits like apple, pear and grape must always be eaten with the peel. It is there that is much of its fibers.

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