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The Top 13 Reasons To Reduce Sugar Consumption

The reasons for reducing the consumption of sugar is enough you consider. For Sugar (sucrose) is a very acidifying substance and therefore its use should be avoided to the maximum. This substance demineralization and dehydrates the body, helping to lower your pH and "open doors" for the emergence of diseases of modern times.

Sugar is used for various purposes, such as to sweeten the morning coffee, tea and many of the foods we like. However, it's more than proven that excess sugar is fatal to your health. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 19 million people are living with diabetes in Brazil.

Reduce consumption of açúcarA possibility of developing it is something to consider. This disease takes glucose levels higher than normal, which makes it a very serious problem in your daily life. The best thing to do is reduce the amount of sugar. These are some of the reasons why you need to reduce the consumption of sugar, for your own good.

1. Sugar accelerates the aging process.

2. Sugar assist in the development of osteoporosis.

3. Sugar contributes to obesity.

4. Sugar is addictive.

5. 100% sure that the sugar helps in the development of diabetes.

6. Sugar helps the development of hypoglycemia (low sugar levels in the blood).

7. Excessive consumption of sugar contributes to the onset of arthritis.

8. Sugar reduces the body's ability to defend against bacterial infections.

9. Sugar causes a decline in elasticity and function of tissues - the more sugar you eat, the more elasticity and function you lose.

10. Sugar can lead to alcoholism.
Razões Para Diminuir o Consumo de Açúcar

Reasons to Decrease Açúcar

11 consumption. Sugar consumption is a major contributor to the cavities.

12. Sugar assists the uncontrolled growth of Candida albicans (yeast), the main women sugar contributes the increase of vaginal infections.

13. Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease.

You do not necessarily eliminate it radically, but gradually you will notice a difference in your health. It is better that gradually you will get used to the idea of ​​less sugar in your life.

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