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Here Are 9 Powerful Ways to Treat a Stomach Pain Naturally

Almost everyone would never have pain or abdominal pain. Most of those affected have no serious cause. However, there are some abdominal pains a symptom of other diseases that are heavier and dangerous. We need to be able to recognize the symptoms of abdominal pain to find out the cause and proper treatment.

Here are 9 powerful ways to treat a stomach pain naturally

Abdominal pain that may occur in the abdomen in the appearance of stomach cramps or abdominal pain. Conditions of this kind will usually heal over time. But if your abdominal pain is suddenly popping up and centered on a point, please be vigilant of this sign, usually an emergency. Contact your nearest doctor immediately if you know it.

Causes of abdominal pain every day

-abdominal pain due to diarrhea: the onset of abdominal pain is caused by bacteria that affect their result in inflammation of the stomach.
-Stomach cramps due to cold: usually abdominal pain is accompanied with much overloading and belching often. As the name suggests, abdominal pain caused by the wind that goes into the body.
-Sudden abdominal pain and severity: Several diseases cause sudden abdominal pain such as appendicitis, kidney stones, peptic, diverticulitis, inflammation and gall stones. Contact your doctor or expert immediately if you experience abdominal pain.
-Chronic or recurring abdominal pain: Pain appears periodically in a given period. Among the causes of abdominal pain are also the infections, menstruation, antipasti and urinary infection.

How to overcome a stomach ache of course with ease

1. Guava
The first treatment you can take with the food Guava, especially for abdominal pain due to diarrhea, spicy food, and constipation. Guava can increase the absorption of water in the intestine, so that is good enough to overcome a stomach ache due to diarrhea.

You can make Guava fruit eating directly or even in the form of juice. If the results were not seen after three days, Guava the consumption of water decoction of the leaves also at least once a day. Usually, in less than a week it has been cured.

2. Carrot Juice
Carrot juice can be said to cure a stomach ache of course very practical and potent. Carrots have a high potassium content that can start the digestion in the body, including at the time of formation of stool.

You can also add mint sheets to get maximum results. In addition to overcoming stomach pain, a natural mineral content on carrots and mint leaves can also reduce the pain caused by inflammation of the stomach.

3. Yogurt
As we know, the yogurt is an excellent probiotic beverage to keep the stomach system, started a chapter, and improve immune. It is this that makes the benefits of yogurt potent in the treatment of abdominal pain.

Any abdominal pain that you use, yogurt can be a remedy. Consumption as much as 4-5 tablespoons of yogurt before breakfast or bed. The results are usually seen only in three days of consumption.

4. Papaya
The fruit is enriched with a high fiber content so that it could start the digestive system. But beware, not all types of abdominal pain can be treated with this fruit.

If you experience abdominal pain through overloading, you should not consume fruit papaya. High fiber content can increase the production of the wind in the body. Well, instead of recovering the superfluous stomach, so you will be getting worse. If the cause of the other, you can eat papaya.

5. Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is famous for its high antioxidant content, which could treat a variety of diseases, including a stomach ache. But due to its acidic, so do not treat colic due to gastritis with apple cider vinegar.

To overcome abdominal pain with apple cider vinegar is simple enough. Loosen a tablespoon of this herb along with three tablespoons of honey and a glass of warm water. Drink regularly at least once a day. Remember, do not use apple cider vinegar If you have a suffering under the body.

6. Banana
It goes without a confusing search for a cure abdominal pain here and there. Only with the consumption of bananas only abdominal pain, they have cured themselves. These yellow fruits contain potassium, potassium, and electrolyte can help digestion, preventing drying out, and can even throw out the harmful toxins (detoxification) from the body.

It's up to you like eating what kinds of bananas. If I prefer with Banana Ambon and the king. Because besides it feels good, kind of banana also has a cream texture in the mouth. If you're tired of banana consumption directly, you can prepare it in the form of juice or smoothies.

7. Coconut water
Coconut water is delicious and fresh when we consume while hot air, let alone while you vacation by the sea. Also, it was refreshing coconut water also has deposits of various natural minerals and electrolytes that can cope with abdominal pain.

After some investigations, the potassium content in coconut water can help remove toxins causing abdominal pain. So coconut water can be a pain medication stomach through food poisoning. Drink at least one glass per day to get maximum results.

8. The Ginger Tea
No coconut around your house? Don't worry; you can still overcome abdominal pain with mixed tea ginger. This herbal preparation I got from my grandmother. Even though it's not related to my research, and proved to be potent in treating abdominal pain.

Here are 9 powerful ways to treat a stomach pain naturally

How to overcome an upset stomach with ginger tea:

-Make hot tea as usual. Try the cup of hot water.
-Mashed ginger of the thumb, then input into the tea.
-Wait about 5 minutes. You can also add sugar to make it delicious.
-Drink a mixture from the day before, while still warm. So the result is the maximum of Consumption advice me before breakfast.

9. Fruit Salak
Perhaps some of us already know the benefits of fruits Salak in the treatment of abdominal pain. Yup, this is already believed to be hereditary as a remedy for diarrhea, even since the occupation until now.

2-3 Salak fruits consumed in a day is beneficial to overcome abdominal pain due to diarrhea. Therefore, do not miss this benefit the rich fruits.

Do these tips to treat abdominal pain successfully

Therefore, the result is maximum, during the treatment you should follow some specific rules. Among other things:

-A lot of rest until the stomach feels better
-Drink plenty of water to prevent it from drying out. Drink water little by little, but often because of the stomach easier in it.
-Avoid strong drinks and soft drinks with carbon dioxide. Soft drinks such as.
-Try food in small portions and lighter, such as a dry bread or biscuits, drinks, bananas, and apples.
-Do not eat spicy because it will aggravate a stomach ache due to diarrhea that you experienced. Try not consuming spicy foods at least 48 hours after treatment.
-Do not consume foods that are high in fat. Because fatty acids mostly make the process of food digestion.
-Sport on a regular basis. If necessary, start now to stop.

When do you go to the doctor?

If symptoms of abdominal pain that you suffered did not improve during the week 2-3 treatment or is accompanied by symptoms as below, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately.

-Vomiting for several days
-Attack the Fever never again
-Cannot empty at all
-Urination painful and too often
-Pain comes from abdominal part injury
-Abdominal pain when touched
-Vomiting blood
-intestinal movements accompanied by spotting blood
-Difficulty breathing
-feel pain in pregnant stomach.

Before you return to a doctor, remember-back food, what this last you three days consumption, as well as any symptoms that appear. This kind of information helps doctors diagnose and cope with the abdominal pain they experience.

This is some way of treating stomach aches most potent of course I can serve this time. If you have any questions or would like to add, just write directly in the comment box, we will discuss together. Greetings!

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