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Why Organic Fruits and Vegetables is Much Better For Our Bodies?

In an age where many used chemicals and pesticides go to farms and plantations, we must be careful in choosing our food. When our ancestors were still alive, all the chemicals were not yet known. Along with the progress of time, people are starting to try to add fat cattle with chemical intake, so that all vegetables and fruit sprayed pesticides, making it look nicer and not beat.

Why Organic Fruits and Vegetables is Much Better For Our Bodies?

After such a long time it turns out that all companies are consuming healthy food, is exactly the effect worse. Chemicals are buried in the animal's body, and vegetables and fruits lead to various disorders when it enters the human body. As the existence of this consciousness, people began to avoid all chemicals, and organic denominations came to foods that are kept without chemicals. So do people prefer vegetables or fruit with whole are a sign of Berulat?

Of course, not, there are other ways to develop healthier than with dangerous chemicals. For example, you can use the caterpillar or head lice with vinegar or salt spray. Even the British Queen Flower Gardens decorate his house report wearing the vinegar as a pest control to avoid the use of pesticides that could harm the environment nearby.

You may be complaining that organic foods are more expensive than non-organic food products. But if you look at the long-term, disease-a disease that can be avoided due to cost savings, which means doctors and medicine are always expensive, they have the savings to be done. They will also feel safe to give children a pesticide-free food.

What can you do if you are still downsizing and not able to buy organic food? Wash well all the foods you buy. Don't think because it looks clean, directly your cooking or eating. Bilaslah a few times that food ingredients and if necessary add the salt in the water Pembilasnya, leaving the dead fleas or pits that are nested on the food.

Another idea is to plant a vegetable/fruit or own breeders chickens and other animals if possible. Can grow plants that do not messiah keep the cows themselves. In this way, you ensure that no chemicals are used in vegetables/fruits or animals. Not seldom do we hear manner how does the animal like some companies animals for their production breeders.

Some say that chickens are eternal for fried chicken, in a cage that is very fitting with your body, so the chickens can't move it. Some even say that animals that do not have legs because the bio-Engineering did to model them. Maybe this is all just manner people on a whim, but we still feel goose bumps listening to him. If our farms, we are certainly not tolerating torture animals, and sometimes because they kept them long enough, we feel a pet loving and not bear to cut it to eat.

Well, we must wisely choose what we should do to avoid adverse effects of pesticides on nature around us and especially in ourselves and our children. But we also can not act fanatics to avoid all foods that are sold in the market or convenience stores now. Consider wisely and follow your instincts in the interest of your family's health.

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