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7 Tips on How to Deal With Insomnia - Insomnia Disease

Sleep can be easy. For most people sleep only took place. Whenever wished he could soon sleep sound and wake up with a fresh body condition.
But some people are experiencing the opposite. They are hard to sleep to awake all night. Despite their comfortable rooms with adequate cooling, the time to spare, do not sleep too well to be had.

The disease, known as insomnia is, in fact, no harassment. Some say insomnia is not a disease, a disorder symptom in LA is just another form of sleep disorder to return to sleep or maintain sleep (simple or frequent awakening), although there is a chance for that. These symptoms are usually followed by a functional disorder of the body when standing up.

The causes of insomnia are generally in the form of stress, psychological factors, changes in working time, false medications or the effect of certain medicines and so on. Although many possible sleep problems are trivial, if there is a nuisance to sleep trouble, this can be dangerous. They are the apparent lack of sleep affects health. Also, sleep is also drugs.

Therefore, insomnia should look for a solution. Also, there is a tendency of the number of sufferers to the symptoms of this more and more. In the United States just mentioned that about 13% of adults there are sleep disorders.
Some easy tips can help those who are struggling to sleep. According to them are processed by the opinion of psychologist Linda Wasmer Andrews, author of Health and mental, as written in Yahoo Health.

1. Choose the correct color
Symptoms of insomnia The embarrassment can be done by changing the color of the d├ęcor of a room with the right color. According to some experts, the color affects the psychology of the people. And if someone is in the room with the color that does not match the taste, this will affect the sleep patterns of a person. If you choose colors, color research results mention that light blue or lime green can give the effect of relaxation, tranquility, peaceful, fun and full of hope. Quiet color as beige, pink, it can also rest the moment towards the bed.

2. The mattress does not agree
Could have trouble sleeping because of the mattress. May not realize that the disturbances that occur after buying a new mattress. Therefore, if you purchase a mattress should feel tender, perfect or not. A person who weighs his body weight certainly requires thicker mattresses. To find out, try on your back on a mattress that will be purchased. What is the position of the body comfortable, no body part that gets the overweight? If there is no pressure on a particular part-it feels like we stand the mattress-means can be the backbone and the grooves of the body, so that the sections of the spine there are in the neutral position. This can help prevent the vertebral column from disturbing.

3. Reduce the Light
Use Dim light to be able to sleep soundly, even if necessary turn off the light so that the room is so dark. Because it blocks all light sources. Make sure that we have curtains or blinds on the windows because they can directly spray the light output of a vehicle when it happens, the position of the room facing the street, or the moonlight could wake us up.

7 tips on how to deal with insomnia - Insomnia Disease

4. Move the Watch
That may be trivial. Because we feel that we are always punctual, we get the wall clock in the room. However, with a large size, the existence of hours can disturb its sleep. For example, because the watch is made of a shiny material, the light might reflect the times that are up to us, so the disturbed sleep. Or the sound of politics in the silence of the night could have been so impaired. Not to mention the big size, so his movement is so visible. When we wait for bed time, we will know how long we stayed, so we were more stressful.
Therefore, move the wall clock, replace it with a smaller desk and its alarm Thistle can wake up when we need to be reminded.

5. Electronic device
So busy until we make the bedroom while the work place. Computer installed in the room. So with the TV. This more power tool may have disturbed our sleep. Therefore, if you intend to bed switch off the electronic device first.
Electronic equipment that was in the room not only two objects to it. We have a mobile phone in which we could not control the incoming call or the message. Sometimes when the sound of the tone is turned off, the light is moving from the screen, it can be distracting. Also, there is a mobile phone that flashes a standby lamp all the time. For this reason, put it in the position of communication tools that do not disturb our sleep.

6. Falling apart
Organize close-ups and shelves, so no pile of clothes and a bunch of books are lying around the room. Move the unfinished projects from the bedroom that make us stress while you are ready for bed. A tidy room will cause the mind, not to overload, lessen disturbance of the mind, and relieve relaxation.

7. The freshness of the air
Clean air in the room makes it easy for us to sleep fast. Therefore, open the window periodically to replace the dirty room air with fresh air from outside. If you allow an air purifier. And if necessary use aromatherapy can make us quieter.
If the use of mild symptoms insomnia is still disturbing, means we need further action. Consult your doctor to provide appropriate advice as soon as possible so that we can be spared from this disorder.

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