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This 9 Beds Near The Negative Effects of Mobile Phones

Currently, cell phones have become the loyal friend of man, it could be said. Currently, there is no one who does not have a cell phone. The mobile phone has gone from luxury goods to only a handful of people only able to have it, but now even the elementary school children are not seldom found menentengnya everywhere.

As a friend of the man's cell phone had a lot of help to facilitate communication with other owners. However, although it turned out that the mobile phone also has its dangers that are not realized by the proprietor. Also, often the owner of the cell phone at this time, when you sleep, the mobile is also nearby.

Mobile phones have high radiation beams or invisible, this result in a person is not aware of the danger. According to the WHO data, cell phone radiation is carcinogens that can affect the human nerves that can eventually lead to cancer or tumor.

Sleep is the time to fill this force when your sleep is not able to replenish your energy so your day will not be maximized. Therefore, to minimize potential dangers of mobile phones for the owner, it is good if the habit of sleeping near a cell phone is eliminated from now on. Quoted from various sources, here are nine beds near the adverse effects of mobile phones, including the following:

1. can cause brain tumors
Cell phone radiation can affect the emergence of a tumor cell regeneration that is unnatural. General brain tumor penetrates an adult in the age of productive, but not least also found cases in which tumors can also attack children. Therefore, from now on try not to use a cell phone very often, let alone until the beds are observed nearby.

2. Can cause cancer
Similar to brain tumors, cell phone radiation can also be the process of cell division in the cells of the body are uncontrolled, abnormal cells are then attacked a closed network that routinely comes into contact directly with your mobile phones, such as the skin and Terlingua. Often members of other bodies like the abdomen can also be exposed to cell phone radiation caused by cancer, because when the owner is unconsciously sleeping often put it under the body and Menindihnya.

3. Burn and Explode
Mass media such as television and newspapers never preach case cell phone exploded and fired when the owners slept, causing him harm. The incident occurred because often the owner of the mobile phone recharge his power and then fall asleep at his side when the power is already full, then pulled it out and forgot the cell phone gets hot and when it went to the electric shock it can burn.

4. Causes headache
Cell phone radiation for some people who are sensitive to the RF waves can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and even vomit.

5. Cause can ' t sleep soundly
Mobile phones can make a person so could not sleep sound, either because it is fun to play the game to Ria with a girlfriend, busy replies to messages from colleagues, or read information-Infromasi from the Internet. Mobile phones can also cause the owner always to feel anxious, feeling nervous and tense.

6. Heart attack
In some cases ever found someone who had a history of heart disease suddenly died immediately, when their cell phone rang heard at midnight, the afflicted could be frightened, so suffered a heart attack.

7. The worsening of Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease is not contagious and usually attack someone who is old. However, for those who are accustomed to sleeping near these devices, Radiasinya can speed up the process of a person who experiences Alzheimer's.

8. Fatigue Causes
A mobile phone that is close to its owner cannot let the quality of sleep rest. Even if you fall asleep, but indeed still wake up, with you still marked out some of the things that happen when you fall asleep. This can experience you fatigue when it wakes up the next day.

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